Kent InterDisciplinary Support Team

  • The (KIDS) Kent InterDisciplinary Support Team is housed through Family Service Kent and is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The key function of KIDS Team is to coordinate access to various services and supports for children/adolescents (0 to 18yrs) with complex needs that may require a response from more than one service provider.
  • KIDS Team Department welcomes the opportunity to assist families in the community and at any given time, parents can contact the department directly regarding all inquires.

Our Role:

  • Our job at KIDS Team is to link individuals and families to appropriate services and supports within the Chatham-Kent community. KIDS Team is the single point of access to residential services for children/adolescents seeking admission to a residential based treatment program. As well, KIDS Team houses limited funding for children/youth that require intensive treatment supports to be maintained within the family unit.
  • The work of KIDS Team staff is intended to augment, not replace, the good planning that is done by service providers across the area. KIDS Team does not provide direct service. We are part of a “planning team” who meet on a monthly or as needed basis to provide case resolution to individuals and families in vital need of a collaborative approach. KIDS Team supports the least intrusive measures when developing a community service plan for a child/family. We work with individuals, families and various service providers to:
    • Identify the individual or family needs
    • Coordinate services
    • Explore service and support options
    • Develop a Community Service Plan
    • Determine level of need, risk and priority
    • Monitor the plan’s effectiveness

Services: What to expect when coming to KIDS Team

Case Resolution Process – Children & Adolescents
The process is for a Local Resolution meeting to be convened in a designated Chatham-Kent organization. The purpose of the Local Resolution meeting is to develop a Community Service Plan, with the child/adolescent and family that may address the needs as identified by the family and community team. This meeting will last about one hour. An employee of Family Service Kent from the KIDS Team Department chairs the Local Resolution meeting. Children 12 years of age and older are invited to participate in this discussion. From time-to-time, for any one of a number of reasons, it may not be in a child’s best interest to participate in this meeting; this is always taken into consideration.

The core Local Resolution Team is made up of community professionals who are considered to be good resources during the development of a plan. This may include representation from child serving agencies, education, child welfare, health and perhaps juvenile justice.

Our Team:

KIDS Team Department
Lambton Kent District School Board
St. Clair Catholic District School Board
Chatham-Kent Children’s Services
Community Living Chatham-Kent
Community Living Wallaceburg
Western Area Youth Services
Youth Justice Services
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Mental Health & Addictions Program
Chatham-Kent Community Health Centres
Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent; consultation basis only
Chatham-Kent Community Care Access Centre; consultation basis only
Maryvale Adolescent & Family Services; consultation basis only
Child Parent Resource Institute (CPRI); consultation basis only
Regional Children’s Centre (RCC); consultation basis only
Parkwood Institute

If at the end of this meeting, the Team concludes that all community base-funded options have been explored and/or accessed, a period of out-of-home residential service may be another avenue. The family is informed of the next steps in the admission process, and the child’s name is placed on the list for access to the identified service. The family and the community team will receive a copy of the Community Service Plan within 10 working days. If a residential placement has been approved, a Service Coordinator from KIDS Team Department will be assigned to the child/adolescent and family who will become the linkage between the community and the residential facility. KIDS Team acts as the gate keeper of the waiting list for each of the residential community base-funded beds available.

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