Mission, Vision & Values

Definition of the Agency

Family Service Kent is a non-profit, multi-service, professional counselling, support and advocacy agency. The Agency operates under the letters patent, the constitution, by-laws and policies formulated by a Board of Directors. Responsibility for operation of the programs is invested in the Executive Director.


Family Service Kent supports, empowers, and advocates for individuals and communities to reach their full potential.


For every person within Chatham-Kent to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Family Service Kent holds as truth the dignity, integrity, strength and capabilities of all people.

We embrace all persons confronting common or unique challenges. We believe that constructive change, renewed growth and healing are possible for all.

We strive to apply best practice in respectfully assisting all persons along the path to fuller, healthier lives and experiences.

We recognize that we are one resource among many, offering to enrich and enliven natural capacities within those we serve, and within our communities.

To all persons, we offer trust, confidentiality, and a helping hand.


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