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adVANtage Transportation

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Our Transportation Services aim to connect people to their community by providing safe, affordable, accessible door-to-door transportation options.


adVANtage is a transportation service that focuses on connecting people to their community to reduce social isolation. The accessible vehicle can accommodate up to 9 passengers at a time: 2 passengers using wheelchairs and 7 walk on passengers. All transportation fares are based on passengers’ ability to pay. Rates operate on a sliding scale and are determined by filling out the Application for Service and providing proof of combined gross household income.

Eligible passengers are:

  • rural and/or low-income people ages 0 to 60;
  • unable to access existing public transit systems, unable to drive, or afford private transportation;
  • able to pay a fee for transportation services or qualify for third party invoicing;
  • able to ride safely and independently in a vehicle.

If a passenger needs assistance or is under the age of 18, a family member or caregiver over age 18 must accompany them, free of charge.

Please email advantage@familyservicekent.com or phone 519.354.6221 ext. 275 to register and to book your drive with a Transportation Coordinator.

Find the adVANtage Transportation Service Application Form here.