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Services for Organizations

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FSEAP’s services take a comprehensive and integrated approach to employee and workplace health and resiliency. We offer a continuum of services designed to help organizations support employee wellness and create a mentally and psychologically healthy workplace.

Healthier Workplace Supports

FSEAP supports the creation of a healthier workplace through lunch-and-learn series, workshops and training sessions, health fairs and other health promotions.

Critical Incident Response (CIR) Services

No one can predict when a critical incident will strike in the workplace. CIR and Crisis Management is a professionally coordinated response that is effective at guiding employees through crises. These services offer employees the opportunity to lessen the effects of post-traumatic stress by talking about the trauma and their reaction.

Management & Workplace Consultations

Healthy employees contribute to a successful workplace. At FSEAP, we are committed to helping you, the manager or supervisor, to respond to difficult employee, team or workplace issues. Whenever you detect indicators of organizational distress, our FSEAP professionals are available to consult and work with you to intervene effectively with a troubled employee, team, or workplace.

Benefits of FSEAP

  • Fewer attendance problems
  • Fewer injuries and accidents
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased employee loyalty and retention
  • Reduced distress among employees
  • Higher level of success and satisfaction for everyone in the organization
  • Reduced need for sick or stress leave

To learn more about implementing an employee assistance program through FSEAP Chatham- Kent for your organization, please contact:

Allison Eaton, FSEAP Workplace Consultant, at 519.354.6221 ext. 227 or toll-free at 1.855.437.5368, or visit the website portal for corporate clients at www.myFSEAP.com

Contact us for more information about implementing an Employee Assistance Program for your organization through FSEAP Chatham.